Rich Greco


Brand identity and guidelines for Ella Celeste Greco and Eoin Cé Greco, daughter and son (respectively) of Rich Greco and Gemma Burgio. Both the parent brand and its divisions have strong, unique market presences, and the divisions benefit from their association with or endorsement from the parent brand.

This charming brand for Eoin Cé Greco is visually inspired by the natural and real elements of the sun and air, communicating brightness, openness, and balance.

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This straightforward, almost hyper-literal brand for Ella Celeste Greco draws parallels between the geometric and organic, the masculine and feminine, the husband and wife.

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The Ella Celeste Greco brand was launched on February 17, 2017, and the Eoin Cé Greco brand was launched two years and a day later on February 18, 2019. The harmony between both brands is mutually beneficial.